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About Pluggerz

Pluggerz has been developed by Comfoor B.V. from Doetinchem (Netherlands), which is a laboratory that was set up in 1985 for Custom-Fit ear moulds for hearing devices and Custom-Fit hearing protectors. Comfoor currently employs almost 60 staff. Comfoor has an extensive and balanced proposition for companies involved in hearing protection. Some staff at Comfoor clients were not eligible for Custom-Fit hearing protection and because there was no quality alternative available for these people the Uni-Fit 3-layer earplug made of natural silicon material was developed under the name 'Comfoor Parttime'. This has been tested extensively and meets all of the standards. The Comfoor Parttime was and remains a major success.

Comfoor already supplied Custom-Fit hearing protectors for consumers via hearing specialist shops. Inspired by the success of the Comfoor Parttime an Uni-Fit line was developed for consumers, with 6 different types of earplugs under the brand name Comfoor Uni-Fit: Hobby, Road , Swim, Travel, Sleep and Disco. This also became a great success and sales rapidly expanded beyond the Netherlands: Comfoor Uni-Fit earplugs were distributed throughout a large part of Europe. Every type of Uni-Fit earplug is tested by the competent authorities in the relevant countries and they meet the standards that are in force.

After a number of years it was decided to re-brand the entire Comfoor hearing protector line for consumers under the brand name 'Pluggerz'. The Comfoor Uni-Fit earplugs became known as Pluggerz Uni-Fit and the Custom-Fit hearing protectors became known as Pluggerz Custom-Fit. In the Netherlands the packaging and display for Pluggerz Uni-Fit was modified and this resulted in an almost doubling of sales in each shop.

The packaging is also being changed for abroad at the moment and we are busy further developing Pluggerz in the retail sector, both in the Netherlands and abroad.